Urgent Needs

Page Editors: MarilynF@humanityroad.org  /  Lori.Sherk@humanityroad.org

These urgent need items will be posted with the most recent needs posted at the top.  Unless there is independent confirmation that an urgent need item is ongoing, the item will removed from the bottom of the list and archived after 7 days.  The facilities listed below provide care for or house senior citizens, children, or otherwise have a larger than ordinary population  and/or special needs individuals who need aid desperately.  If you are reporting on behalf of an urgent need, please send updated information about what the need is or if it has been met so that we can keep the information here current.

If you are listing one, please include in your comment:

Name of facility
Location including GPS if possible
Description of Need
How many people are impacted
Contact info
Source (Insert link)

◆  Facilities are updated as reports come in, with most recent at the top.

◆  Rescue teams/aid agencies prioritize action based on pop#, criticality & ability2 find &reach ppl impacted.  To see if an incident has been reported in #haiti search haiti.ushahidi.com using the searchbar for      specific location/need
◆  If the incident isnt listed in haiti.ushahidi.com submit and incident report – be very specific on the need & address, #ppl, etc
◆  Try searching public internet for news stories on the topic – you’d be surprised how many media reports help us.
◆  When reporting incident in haiti.ushahidi.com add contact info if avail – provide name or twitter user of initial reporter – date/time
◆  If u have GPS locn include it in incident rpt on haiti.ushahidi.com -turn@ corner of rubble&rubble doesnt help -street signs r down
◆If you are not sure its authentic but your gut says it maybe – dont hesitate – report it! You may state that the information is “unconfirmed.”

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